Highway Maps

To find a highway map you will need to know the plan book and page reference. Go to www.masslandrecords.com and select Franklin County. Under Search Criteria, go to the Plans section and select Unindexed Property Search. This will prompt you to enter the book and page number, but you will need to add the letter H before the book number. For example, to find Plan Book 22 page 13, enter H22 in the book field and 13 in the page field (or you can enter H22 in the book field and leave the page number blank to view all highway maps in that Plan Book) and hit Search. To view the map, click on the entry for the book and page, and on the right side of the screen select the tab for View Images, which will bring up the image of the map.

County layout maps are available through the Franklin Regional Council of Governments. You can reach their office by calling (413) 774-3167 or visit their website by clicking here.